Messy Church

It is worship.

It is education.

It is intergenerational.

It is eating and playing together.

It is fun.

It is an experiment in doing church differently.

There is no need for breakfast or your morning coffee before attending a Messy Church gathering.  Come.  You will find both at church.

Generally on the last Sunday of each month, the 9:00 am church/worship service moves from the sanctuary to the Fellowship Hall.  We are intentional in gathering around tables in mixed groups with your coffee/juice in hand.  There is a formal opening as a whole.  Then all conversation moves to the tables where each table group shares snacks, conversation, talks about the lesson (guided questions), plays/creates together.    Then all returns to the whole group for closing prayer and Benediction.

Each gathering is loosely developed around a curriculum called, LIFT (Living in Faith Together) which is produced by GenOn Ministries.

We call it "Messy Church" because the way church is done is different.

Church goes fast!

In December, Messy Church will be on Sunday, December 18 (the Sunday before Christmas).  The theme will be a "Brown Bag Christmas".

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