be you, with us

(We have this out on the lawn, north of the church from mid spring through mid fall.)

Individuality + Affirmation + Inclusion

The idea arose out of wanting to send a welcoming and affirming message to ourselves as a congregation and to the wider community.  It led to the idea of chairs, as chairs invite people to take a moment to sit and breathe. Chairs also invite conversation. We wanted our chairs to welcome the LGTBQIA+ Community, others who sometimes feel marginalized, and to send a general message of inclusion to ALL people. The Chair Project was born.

It is anchored by six adult Adirondack chairs, each in a primary color of the rainbow.

to this

Seven individualized child-sized chairs were painted.

Participating were individuals, families, artists, individuals with various disabilities, and individuals who identified as LGTBQIA+

There were church members, friends of the church, and those who had no connection.

We named and blessed it: be you, with us.

It was and is both individual affirmation and invitation into a community.

You are invited to come sit a while; with a book, to rest, to breathe, with coffee, with a friend or a stranger.

(See below for photos directly related with the current be you, with us.

In July, there will be an opportunity to help paint a winter oriented, be you, with us display.  Painting will take place at Smith's Studio. To learn how you can help, either stop by Smith's Studio or contact the church office at  Following is the concept:

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