No matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey," you are welcome to celebrate communion with us.  All are welcome.  This is Jesus' table, he is the host and he excludes no one.

Most often, we serve people in the pew. Occasionally, we invite people who are able to come forward to receive communion.  After receiving communion up front, they return to their seats.  Those who are unable to come forward are served where they are seated.

For communion we use juice, the bread varies but there is always a gluten-free option.

We believe our worship experience is enhanced through music. There are a variety of styles of music. The congregation sings hymn oriented songs that are projected allowing for greater variety. The choir sings everything from classical to contemporary.  The primary instruments during worship are piano and organ.

Traditional with a few contemporary elements included. 

The first Sunday of each month, we celebrate communion.

The service usually ends around 10:00 a.m.

Yes. At the appropriate time during the service, the pastor will invite the children and ‘young-at-heart’ to come forward for a child-oriented message.

Yes. Children are welcomed and loved here. We want children to learn to worship. Even if they don’t understand everything that is going on, hopefully, they will know this is a church where they are appreciated, accepted, and loved.  When you enter the sanctuary (worship area) your child may pick up a pizza box. It includes activities, a drink and a snack.

Whatever is comfortable. Some people “dress up” for worship, but others dress casually.

Parents/grandparents/guardians are encouraged to bring their infants and toddlers into the worship service.  We have activity pizza boxes in the entrance.  If a child cries or makes noise, we think of it as a sign of life.

Yes. A vertical lift (basically a small elevator) is available for those who have difficulty with stairs. The elevator can be accessed on the southwest side (left-hand side as you face the front of the church) of the church building near the front of the church.  Someone will be standing outside ready to assist you. The church has bathroom facilities that are accessible for the physically challenged.

You can enter the front doors that face the city park on Pearl Street.

It’s best to arrive about 5 to 15 minutes before the service begins.

However, it is okay if you are late.

We have one in-person worship service every Sunday. The service begins at 9:00 a.m.

Each service is stream lived to YouTube and available for later viewing. First Congregational UCC, Geneseo, IL - YouTube

Parking is available along State Street (east of the church) or Pearl Street (in front of the church by the park).

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