In-Person Worship

Dear Friends,

The Church Council, based on the recommendations of the task force, has decided to resume in-person worship services for Sunday, August 2nd and Sunday August 16th in the sanctuary at 9:00 a.m. We do not want anyone to feel pressured to physically attend a worship service. We will continue to record and post worship services on our YouTube channel and Facebook page.

To attend either service you MUST make a reservation with Debbie Hall at the church office. We have an attendance limit of 31 to maintain safe physical distancing. Please contact the church office (309-944-3389) to make a reservation. When making a reservation please let Debbie Hall know the names of each person in your group, complete address, contact phone number, and if you plan to use the Vertical Platform Lift (VPL).

Here are some of the guidelines EVERYONE will need to follow when attending an in-person worship service.

Church Services August 2nd and 16th

  • If you have a fever, sore throat, cough, or any COVID-19 symptoms, PLEASE DO NOT come to church

  • There will be <= 31 people in the church.

  • Reservations are required to attend worship, call the church office at 309-944-3389. Please give Debbie Hall the names of each person in your group, complete address, contact phone number, and if you plan to use the Vertical Platform Lift (VPL).

  • The church building will open at 8:50 a.m.

  • People will enter through the main door – Pearl Street - facing the park

  • There will be no entry through the State St. door

  • People must wear a mask to attend worship

  • People must practice social distancing, 6’ apart – pews and seats will be marked.

  • Every other pew will be available for seating

  • People will be required to check in – for contact tracing due to COVID-19

  • We will have someone with a clipboard at church entrance to facilitate check in.

  • People must sanitize” their hands before entering the church sanctuary

  • Ushers will seat people in available pews and dismiss people after the service

  • Childcare will not be provided during the service.

  • The Vertical platform lift (VPL) will be available for use. Limited to one person at a time on the

    VPL. We will have a person stationed at the west exterior door and another person stationed at the

    VPL door in the sanctuary to monitor and assist persons using the VPL

  • No food or beverages in the church


• The worship service will be abbreviated

  • ∗  No singing (Singing is considered a super spreading activity)

  • ∗  No recitation of prayers, opening statement, benediction, etc. except by the minister (Spoken congregational liturgy is considered a super spreading activity)

  • ∗  No communion

  • ∗  The offering plate will be available at the sanctuary door

  • ∗  No air conditioning and no fans, windows will be open

  • ∗  Pew cushions, bulletins, bibles, attendance pads, and hymnals will not be available

  • ∗  No Time of Greeting

  • ∗  No fellowship before or after the service

  • ∗  Restrooms are available on an emergency basis only (first floor restroom only)

    The precautions and guidelines listed above are in place because we love you and our neighbors and want to reduce the risk of being exposed to COVID-19. No matter how hard we try we cannot reduce the risk of infection to zero, so you are assuming some amount of risk if you gather in-person. Please do what is best for you and your family.

    The Coronavirus pandemic has taught us that everything is fluid and in flux. A team continues to monitor and work on the logistics for resuming in-person worship services. The team will work out the details to ensure the safety of worshipers including having face masks and hand sanitizer available. Be aware that we might have to cancel the in-person worship service if there is a surge of COVID-19 cases in the area. We will keep you informed if there are any changes.

    If you have any questions, please contact the church office or members of the Church Council.

    Please be patient with us as we strive to find safe and healthy ways to worship and serve God in these times.

    The Church Council, Task Force, and Rev. Bruce Bergthold





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